School Readiness

The transition to school can be a tricky one at times.

Tricky for both the child and the parent/caregiver. This is why we run a school readiness program that focuses heavily on the requirements of school. Our program takes what the child is learning at preschool and cross references that with the early school curriculum.

Elderslie Early Learning Centre - Face 6

We look at a broad range of things and take note on how your child is progressing in those key areas, the child and the caregivers both put forward their thoughts and suggestions as well. This information is packaged together and given to the child’s future school to ensure the smoothest of transitions.

We have an in depth, holistic approach to school readiness programs with weekly focuses. We run this program alongside school terms, with weekly (fun) homework to help children become confident and create a routine in preparation for primary school.

We work closely with local primary schools, hosting information nights at the service and liaising with teachers to ensure we’re providing the best start for each child according to their future teachers. We encourage parent participation at the service and at home, with homework sheets that display children’s developing confidence and include families in their learning.

We include a Jolly Phonics program to help children link sound, sight and creation of English letters.

The school readiness program is non-compulsory and children and families are welcome to choose to participate at their own level.